Tutoring Information

Athlete Study Hall

What is Athlete Study Hall?

The Athlete Study Hall program gives athletes the ability to work on assignments, seek tutoring from teaching staff from all content areas, and to participate in peer tutoring. The program has adapted procedures from several collegiate athletic study hall programs to empower students to prepare for the next level in education. The program is slowly expanding to support other students within the school building.

Who can attend Athlete Study Hall?

Athletes during the athletic season prior to practice regardless of academic progress.

Magnet Students referred by the magnet coordinator based on academic progress.

Students within the building can be referred by a counselor, teacher, and or administrator to attend.

When is athlete study hall?

Tuesday or Wednesday 2: 45 pm – 3:45 pm

Need more information about the program?

Parent and/or students may contact either of the following for more information.

Ms. Maddox - Study Hall Coordinator - [email protected]

Ms. Furst - Assistant Principal - [email protected]