World Languages

The World Languages Department is excited about the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Chesapeake will be offering Spanish I-VI, as well as French I-III. Returning to Chesapeake this school year will be Ms. Rosati, teaching Spanish II and III, Mr. Jeremiah teaching Spanish I and II, Mr. Jay teaching Spanish I, IV and AP V/VI and Mr. Akers teaching French I, II and III. 

World Languages will be focusing this year on the Five C’s for Learning a Language: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Community. In addition to these, the Spanish and French classes will be concentrating on student performance as it relates to the following modes of communication: Interpretive, Interpersonal, Presentational Writing, and Presentational Speaking. We are looking forward to a great year in French and Spanish!

Questions? Email Jesse Jay, Department Chair at or call 443-809-0067