Nurse's Health Suite

HOURS: Open every in person school day 7:30am through 2:45pm

LOCATION: Across from Room 13, after entering the main entrance, we are directly behind the main office and school counseling office


443-809-0070 phone

443-809-0071 fax

Nurse Kisser sitting in a chair in the nurse's suite

Amanda Kisser, BSN, RN

School Nurse

Cathy Brooks, CNA

Health Assistant

Hi, and welcome to the Nurse’s Health Suite! It is our goal in the Chesapeake High School Health Suite to support the health and well-being of your students while they are here at school in an equitable, caring manner. To do this we need the support of parents and guardians like you to keep us up to date on your student’s health conditions, medication needs, and health concerns that may affect them during the school day. You are encouraged to call or email us anytime.

Required Health Forms for each student:
- Consent for the Administration of Approved Discretionary Medications (yearly)
- Student Health History (if new to BCPS)

We are here for acute daily for the health needs of our student population. Our goal is to keep your kids as healthy as possible while at school to the best of our ability-and keep them here We can provide some over-the-counter medications when appropriate (a discretionary medication form is required for each school year), health information and guidance and suggest referrals when the issue is not able to be completely addressed by our staff. Nurse Kisser or Health Assistant Cathy Brooks will give you a call if there is an urgent need for your student or your student needs to be picked up for any reason and cannot remain at school. We do whatever we can to prevent sending your student home, but with some symptoms, it is required by BCPS. Please consider adding our direct extension to your phone, so you know we are calling.

We manage chronic conditions for many children at school such as diabetes, asthma (as needed), seizures, sickle cell, and many others. Some students have high medical needs during the day and we are here for you. Student medications that are required to be given more than once per day can be administered at school when ordered by a doctor (medication form must be completed by parent and provider each school year). Student’s nursing treatments that are required during the school day and ordered by their doctor can also be done by the Nurse. Please reach out if your student has any medical needs we can help with, and we will get everything in place for you. 

Contact Information: Please make sure the school has accurate contact information (phone # and email) so we can reach you or a designated individual to pick up your child if they are ill or there is an emergency.  When an emergency occurs, it is vital that we have the most current phone numbers so that you can be reached. We want you to be aware as soon as possible of a health issue. To update your information please call the main office at 443-809-0100, or update it yourself on FOCUS.

Injuries/Surgeries/Concussions/Health Diagnosesthat may require special needs:  Please have the student or parent contact the school nurse as soon as possible so special accommodations in the school setting can be made if needed (i.e. bathroom pass, extra hallway time, student helper needed, etc).

When to keep your child home from school:  Parents should keep their child at home if visible signs or symptoms of a communicable disease are present including:

  • Fever (a temperature of 100 degrees or higher) Students should be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school without using over the counter fever reducing medication. Any questions, call the Nurse.
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea (must be free from this symptoms for 24 hours prior to return)