Special Programs

Chesapeake High School provides a continuum of special education services for students ,with disabilities with Individual Education Plans. Most of these students receive their education in the general education program with support from special education teachers, para-educators, and additional adult support staff.

For students whom a smaller class size is documented in their IEP as necessary to meet their needs, we provide classes for the core subject areas of English, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies at each grade level.

These classes are taught by special educators with additional paraprofessional support, as needed.  Students in these classes are on track to receive a high school diploma and receive instruction on grade level standards.

Chesapeake High School also provides a Functional and Academic Learning Support program (FALS) for students who will not be receiving a high school diploma. Instead, these students will receive a Certificate of Attendance and they usually attend this program until the age of 21.

Every student with an IEP has a case manager whose responsibility it is to monitor and coordinate the services and accommodations provided to that student. Case managers contact parents at the beginning of the school year to introduce themselves. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s case manager whenever there are questions or concerns about the IEP or Special Education Services.

Questions? Email Charles Phelan, IEP Department Chair at [email protected], or call 443-809-0083

Adrienne Dodson, Department Chair at [email protected] or call 443-809-0040

Use this link for information on Compensatory Recovery Services.