Girls' Empowerment Mission (GEM)

Ms. Moseley

What is GEM?

Girls’ Empowerment Mission (GEM)  is a free program for girls who attend Chesapeake High School.  The girls meets after school twice a month from 2:30-7:30 PM. The girls have activities, speakers and field trips related to their curriculum. The group also has 6 overnight weekend retreats a year at a variety of locations. The retreats and activities serve many purposes including:

  • Exposure to areas of Maryland and surrounding areas
  • Opportunity to be away from their homes to get the ready to go away to college
  • A chance to focus on themselves for an extended period of time
  • A safe, supportive and nurturing environment
  • Caring and compassionate adult staff and volunteers
  • Cultural and educational field trips
  • Intensive curricular programming including GEM activities and guest speakers
  • College Visits
  • Service to others
  • Each girls gets a mentor!

Enrollment Criteria

Being nominated for GEM is an honor. Ninth grade girls may be nominated by school faculty for demonstration of motivation and/or potential. Once the girls are nominated, they are invited to an informational meeting. The next step involves filling out an application and having an interview. The last step is being invited to attend a GEM activity. Girls are selected based on fulfilling the above requirements and their demonstration of motivation and interest in the program.  “Once a GEM girl, always a GEM Girl!”


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